2024- 05 Overseas Current status report by returned trainee from Kosovo
2024- 05 Technical Technical Cooperation Project for the Development of Guidelines for Model IPs – Smart IPs towards Eco Orientation and Application of Information Technology in Management and Administration in Ba Ria Vung Tau Province‚ Vietnam (Phase 1)
2024- 05 Technical Support for the Proper Management of Municipal Waste in Ubon Ratchathani Province‚ Kingdom of Thailand
2024- 04 Training Introduction of Renewable Energy which is a Feasible One Tailored to Actual Conditions in Africa ; Renewable Energy (C) for Young Leaders
2024- 03 Speech Thanks speech at closing ceremony ; Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy / Marketing Strategy (C)
2024- 03 Speech Thanks speech at closing ceremony ; Business Innovation (IoT‚ AI)in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
2024- 02 Friendship Participantsf Demeanor at the Closing Ceremonies and Parties Upon Completion of Their Training Courses
2024- 02 Speech Thanks speech at closing ceremony ; Urban Management for Sustainable Urban Development (B)
2024- 01 Training A Strong Awareness that Water Resource Issues are a Shared Global Challenge
2024- 01 Training For the Future of Africa ; Participatory Safe Water Management in Rural Areas in African Countries (B)