2019- 10 Technical Composting of food waste and establishment of recycling loop in Cameron Highlands‚ Malaysia
2019- 10 Technical Start of JICA Grassroots Project‚ gImprovement of Phnom Penh Waste Managementh
2019- 10 Training Food Safety AdministrationhCourse
2018- 12 Overseas Introduction of the exchange with a former participant
2018- 10 Publication hKITA NEWS No.25 (October 2018)g is published.
2018- 09 Overseas Introduction of action plan progress report
2018- 05 Overseas Introduction of training completion report and appreciation
2018- 04 Publication hKITA NEWS No.24 (April 2018)g is published.
2018- 04 Publication hLeaflet explaining KITA (April 2018)g is published.
2018- 02 Overseas Introduction of a former participant's current activities in his homeland‚ Yemen