Participant's Speech at Course Closing Ceremony

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Thanks speech at closing ceremony

2023.09.29 Closing Ceremony

ParticipantFMr. KOTHAWADE Amit Ravindra (from India)

Nine trainees from eight countries around the world (Brazil‚ India‚ Indonesia‚ Kosovo‚ Mexico‚ Tajikistan‚ Turkey‚ and Vietnam) gathered at JICA Kyushu in Kitakyushu for one month from August 30th to September 29th‚ 2023. A training session on entrepreneurship development was held.

Thanks speech by Amit-san

Photo after the closing ceremony
Respected Dignitaries‚ Director General‚ JICA Kyushu - Ms. YOSHINARI Yasue‚ and Managing Director and Director of Training Division‚ KITA - Mr. KITAMURA Takashi and other present members.
Today‚ on behalf of all the participants from Brazil‚ India‚ Indonesia‚ Kosovo‚ Mexico‚ Tajikistan‚ Turkey‚ and Vietnam‚ I stand before you with immense gratitude in my heart. We are truly fortunate and honored to have been a part of JICA's Capacity Building Program for the Enhancement of Entrepreneurship and Start-up Ecosystem.

This program has been an incredible and transformative experience for all of us. We've had the privilege to learn from Japan's best and brightest‚ including government officials‚ knowledgeable speakers‚ entrepreneurs‚ incubators‚ and venture capitalists. Additionally‚ we visited some of Japan's most innovative companies and institutes‚ witnessing firsthand how they are shaping the future of the global economy.
We express our gratitude‚
- Obrigado for the warm welcome and the exchange of innovative ideas (Brazil)
- धन्यवादfor the knowledge shared and the friendships formed (India)
- Terima kasih for the enriching cultural experiences and valuable entrepreneurial insights (Indonesia)
- Faleminderit for the opportunity to connect & collaborate on a global scale (Kosovo)
- Gracias for the hospitality and encouragement to think beyond borders (Mexico)
- Qpҳ}p for the chance to learn from Japan's culture (Tajikistan)
- Teşekkür ederim for the inspiration drawn from Japan's commitment to innovation (Turkey)
- Cảm ơn for sharing the vision of fostering vibrant start-up ecosystems (Vietnam)

Amit-san receiving his certificate of course completion
Our 5-week journey in Japan has been nothing short of remarkable‚ and the credit for this unforgettable experience goes to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)‚ Kitakyushu International Techno-Cooperative Association (KITA)‚ and the Government of Japan.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. YOSHINARI-san and Mr. KITAMURA-san for their visionary leadership.

We appreciate all the lecturers‚ officials‚ and experts who shared their wisdom‚ expertise‚ and experiences during the sessions and interviews.
A special thank you goes to Program Officer Nakano San for the seamless support provided throughout our program.
A big salute to Course Leader Nakashima San for your tireless dedication in perfectly designing and delivering this course‚ making it a truly enriching experience for all of us.
Our thanks to Morioka-san for guiding us during our mock interviews.
Special recognition and a big thank you to Course Coordinator Hatano San for your exceptional skills in translating the sessions flawlessly‚ understanding and taking care of us like family members.
Our sincere gratitude to JICA Tokyo for their exemplary care during our stay there‚ making our time in Tokyo truly unforgettable.
We must extend our heartfelt thanks to the unsung heroes of our program –
- the Front Desk for their seamless support‚
- the Chef and restaurant staff for taking care of our food‚
- the housekeeping staff and security for ensuring our stay was clean and comfortable‚
- the bus drivers for driving us safely‚
- the travel agent for arranging our travel smoothly.
Your dedication has not gone unnoticed.

In closing‚ I reserve my deepest gratitude for the remarkable individuals who have been my colleagues on this journey of learning and growth.

Yudji-san‚ hailing from the Land of the Amazon‚ you are a passionate entrepreneur‚ an insatiable learner‚ and a champion of the human aspect of business. Your spirit is truly inspiring. Thank you‚ Yudji-san.

Ayu-san‚ from the Land of a Thousand Islands‚ your creativity knows no bounds‚ and your vision to elevate business management and entrepreneurial skills in Indonesia is nothing short of amazing. Thank you‚ Ayu-san.

Shpend-san‚ representing Kosovo‚ you are a dynamic leader‚ a true driving force behind the startup ecosystem in Kosovo‚ and your global aspirations for startups inspire us all. Thank you‚ Shpend-san.

Omar-san‚ our silent yet action-oriented friend from Mexico‚ your commitment to instilling entrepreneurial spirit and research drive in university students is nothing short of superb. Thank you‚ Omar-san.

Gonzalo-san‚ the explorer from Mexico‚ your keen sense of exploration in the realm of emerging technologies for corporate growth is truly commendable. Thank you‚ Gonzalo-san.

Akamal-san‚ a dedicated specialist for strengthening Tajikistan's SME landscape‚ your commitment is greatly appreciated.

Lam-san‚ from the Land of the Blue Dragon‚ your unwavering dedication to implementing policies that foster entrepreneurship in Vietnam is a testament to your determination. Thank you‚ Lam-san.

And finally‚ my first friend during this program‚ Ferhat-san from Turkey‚ a humble soul whose dedication to advancing technology startups in his homeland is truly remarkable.

Photo after site visit
This program has given us the opportunity to connect with each other. We have come from different countries‚ with different cultures and backgrounds‚ but we all share a common passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. We have learned from each other‚ supported and inspired each other. We have forged friendships that will last a lifetime.
As we bid farewell to Japan‚ we carry not only newly acquired knowledge and skills but also a profound sense of unity within our diverse group‚ exemplifying the global essence of entrepreneurship. We return to our respective countries‚ carrying with us valuable entrepreneurial lessons with unique techniques like kaizen‚ JIT‚ Six Sigma. We commit to using them to make a positive impact on our nations' start-up ecosystems.
I also want to take a moment to reflect on the importance of respect and understanding in our journey together. If‚ at any point during our time here‚ if anyone got hurt or disrespected‚ we deeply apologize.

Japan has welcomed us with open arms‚ and in return‚ we pledge our dedication to nurturing this relationship and to contribute positively to Japan's growth in the future.
Since we have joined hands‚ I am sure the journey we started from the 'Land of the Rising Sun' will lead us to the 'World of the Shining Sun.
Once again‚ on behalf of all the participants‚ (Arigatou gozaimasu)‚ thank you‚ Japan‚ for this incredible opportunity‚ and thank you‚ JICA‚ KITA for making it all possible.
Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
Goodbyes simply mean‚
We will miss each other until we meet again!
Sayonara janai‚ mata aimashō !