International Training
EArranging and enriching training curriculums and materials
EDesigning effective program for group, area and individual country
EImplementing trainings effectively
EBuilding-up personal network with ex-participants and follow-up
@for their outcomes
Technical Cooperation
EDispatching experts abroad for on-site survey, holding seminars,
@collecting information on industrial technology and environmental
@conservation, and supporting their enhancement
EConsulting and supporting companies based in Kitakyushu for their
@business expansion abroad
EOperating gKitakyushu Maintenance Engineering Societyh business
International Friendship Exchange
EPlanning and implementing international friendship exchange programs

International Trainings(entrusted by JICAj

No. Training Categories Training Outline FY2019
Courses Countries
T Environment Management Training in waste treatment techniques (technologies and systems), covering the entire range from household garbage to industrial waste. 3 14
U Water Resources & Water Treatment Training in industrial wastewater and wastewater processing techniques (technologies and systems) 6 24
V Production Technology & Local Industry Activation Training in essential manufacturing techniques (the 5S and small group activities), and medium and small-sized business supporting. 10 60
W Saving Energy & Renewable Energy Training in energy conservation technologies and policies in a broad range of sectors, from commercial and residential to industrial, as well as in renewable energy technologies and dissemination methods. 8 38
X Health Care, Urban Development & Others Training in food hygiene management and sustainable urban development. 3 25

Technical Cooperation

Main Technical Fields and Target Countries
Technical Fields Viet Nam Philip- pines Thai- land Malay- sia Cam- bodia India China Myan- mar
Metal Processing
Resources/Saving energy
Promotion of medium/small size enterprises