International Training
EArranging and enriching training curriculums and materials
EDesigning effective program for group, area and individual country
EImplementing trainings effectively
EBuilding-up personal network with ex-participants and follow-up
@for their outcomes
Technical Cooperation
EDispatching experts abroad for on-site survey, holding seminars,
@collecting information on industrial technology and environmental
@conservation, and supporting their enhancement
EConsulting and supporting companies based in Kitakyushu for their
@business expansion abroad
EOperating gKitakyushu Maintenance Engineering Societyh business
International Friendship Exchange
EPlanning and implementing international friendship exchange programs

International Trainings(entrusted by JICAj

No. Training Categories Training Outline FY2021 Cources
T Environment Management Training in waste treatment techniques (technologies and systems), covering the entire range from household garbage to industrial waste. 3
U Water Resources & Water Treatment Training in industrial wastewater and wastewater processing techniques (technologies and systems) 5
V Production Technology & Local Industry Activation Training in essential manufacturing techniques (the 5S and small group activities), and medium and small-sized business supporting. 11
W Saving Energy & Renewable Energy Training in energy conservation technologies and policies in a broad range of sectors, from commercial and residential to industrial, as well as in renewable energy technologies and dissemination methods. 7
X Health Care, Urban Development & Others Training in food hygiene management and sustainable urban development. 3

Technical Cooperation

Main Technical Fields and Target Countries
Technical Fields Viet Nam Philip- pines Thai- land Malay- sia Cam- bodia China Myan- mar
Metal Processing
Resources/Saving energy
Promotion of Medium/Small Size Enterprises