Participant's Speech at Course Closing Ceremony

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Thanks speech at closing ceremony

2023.10.16 Closing Ceremony

ParticipantFMs. Nihaaza Anees (from Maldives)

Six trainees from six countries in Africa and Asia (Congo‚ Egypt‚ Laos‚ Maldives‚ Mongolia‚ Sri Lanka) gathered at JICA Kyushu in Kitakyushu for three weeks from September 26th to October 17th‚ 2023. Training and lecture on urban management were carried out.

Thanks speech by Nihaaza-san

Photo after the closing ceremony
First‚ I would like to start by mentioning how grateful I am of getting this opportunity to participate in this training program with everyone present here today. The 3 weeks that we have spent in JICA Kyushu‚ has been nothing but wonderful. Thank you all for hosting us for the past 3 weeks.
Within these 3 weeks‚ we were provided with various knowledge on how‚ The City of Kitakyushu has been recognized as an SDG future city through different measures taken by the city government.

The different lectures and field visits on waste management‚ River management and redevelopment‚ urban transportation system and the importance of public participation in planning have provided us with so much knowledge and understanding‚ that would be of great help to all of us in managing different urban planning issues that we are facing back home in our countries.

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On behalf of all the participants‚ I would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Kitakyushu‚ JICA and KITA for conducting such a successful training program. With us‚ present here today are‚ Ms. Yoshinari‚ Yasue-san (Director General of JICA Kyushu)‚ Mr. Odawara‚ Hiroshi-san (Senior Managing Director of KITA)‚ Katayama-san (Deputy Mayor of the City of Kitakyushu) and Uchida-san (Vice President of the University of Kitakyushu). Thank you very much for being here with us today.
Apart from this‚ I would also like to thank all the lecturers who have provided us with so much valuable information for the past 2 weeks.
Last but foremost‚ I would like to say a special thank you‚ to two of the most wonderful people who have guided us throughout this training program. Yamane-san and Mafumi-san. Thank you both for everything. I would also like to thank Nozomi-san for all the help you have provided us.

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As for Japan‚ I think we all have always looked upon this Country as a good example on everything. But after completing this training program I have to say that I have more respect and gratitude to this country than I had before. Thank you for all the help you are providing to the developing countries and trying to make a positive impact on this world.