Participant's Speech at Course Closing Ceremony

Development of Human Resources Adaptable to Industry Needs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering new!

Thanks speech at closing ceremony

2023.10.16 Closing Ceremony

ParticipantFMr. AHMED Ahmed Hassan Abdelmalek Mahmoud (from Egypt)

Twelve trainees from twelve countries in Africa and Asia (Bangladesh‚ Benin‚ Cambodia‚ Egypt‚ Ethiopia‚ Malawi‚ Mauritius‚ Namibia‚ Palestine‚ Senegal‚ South Sudan‚ Uganda) gathered at JICA Kyushu in Kitakyushu for two months from August 20th to October 17th‚ 2023. Technical training on human resource development in electrical and electronic engineering was carried out.

Thanks speech by Ahmed-san

Photo after the closing ceremony
Ladies and Gentlemen‚
Good afternoon‚
Today‚ I stand before you on behalf of the twelve participants from Bangladesh‚ Benin‚ Cambodia‚ Egypt‚ Ethiopia‚ Malawi‚ Mauritius‚ Namibia‚ Palestine‚ Senegal‚ South Sudan‚ and Uganda who have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the "Development of Human Resources Adaptable to Industry Needs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering" training program. We have been immensely fortunate to receive this invaluable experience.
We begin with heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable hospitality of Japan. Since our arrival‚ we have been embraced with open arms‚ and the genuine warmth and generosity of the Japanese people have imprinted lasting memories in our hearts. The richness of this nation's culture‚ its breathtaking beauty‚ and the unfailing kindness crafted an unforgettable memory.

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Our journey through this program was exceptional. The program was well-organized‚ and the course materials were well-prepared and tailored to meet our specific needs. We must commend the tireless dedication of our instructors who shared their knowledge and expertise with unwavering enthusiasm. Their commitment to ensuring that each of us gained a deeper understanding of the subject matter did not go unnoticed.

In this endeavor‚ we owe a special thanks to Kato-San‚ Program Officer‚ whose dedication and tireless efforts have been instrumental in making this program a success. Thanks to Koga-San for his hard work‚ his unwavering commitment to addressing our questions and requests‚ and his active involvement were truly commendable. And last but certainly not least‚ Thanks to Yanase-San‚ whose sincere dedication‚ guidance‚ and efforts throughout the course and our visit to Japan were nothing short of exceptional.

Site training 2
I must also take a moment to express my admiration for my colleagues. Your hard work‚ discipline‚ and unwavering commitment have forged a remarkable team harmony‚ and I am confident that the friendships and collaborations we have established will be enduring and impactful.

We acknowledge that we came to this program as twelve individuals‚ each representing our institutes and countries. However‚ through the support and expertise of the training leaders‚ instructors‚ and fellow participants‚ we have transformed into a cohesive unit with a shared vision. We now recognize our immense duty as JICA-KITA alumni to take the knowledge and experience we have gained here and transfer it to our respective countries‚ institutes‚ and students. This will enable us to contribute to the development and progress of our nations‚ fostering a brighter future for all.

Site training 3
Our heartfelt thanks also go to the JICA Kyushu Center employees who have gone above and beyond to ensure our comfort and well-being during our time here. Your endless efforts and care have made our stay in Japan truly exceptional‚ and for that‚ we are truly grateful.
In conclusion‚ as we leave this program‚ we take with us a wealth of knowledge‚ new perspectives‚ and friendships that transcend borders. We are committed to using these lessons to contribute to the growth of our nations and serve as ambassadors of change. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all who made this journey possible.

In parting‚ I'd like to leave you with a poignant quote by Masuji Ibuse: "Like flowers in a storm‚ life is full of goodbyes."

Thank you very much‚ Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu