Participant's Speech at Course Closing Ceremony

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Thanks speech at closing ceremony

2023.10.24 Closing Ceremony

ParticipantFMs. AKTAR Mst Najnin (from Bangladesh)

Eight trainees from eight countries (Angola‚ Bangladesh‚ Kenya‚ Kiribati‚ Mongolia‚ Palestine‚ North Macedonia‚ Somalia) gathered at JICA Kyushu in Kitakyushu for 33days from Sep. 18th to Oct. 25th‚ 2023. Technical training on food safety administration was carried out.

Thanks speech by Najnin-san

Photo after the closing ceremony
I was thinking that how I could put words together to express my feelings‚ experience that I got here in Japan. How one of the most effective food safety system is functioning‚ how they have started‚ what were the challenges and how they have solved and keep moving forward continuously and the initiative to assist other developing country -is something I learned and it will definitely reflect in our work back our respective country.

Site Training 1
The small but impactful contribution as we have planned and put in our Plan of Action will bring revolutionary change I believe.
Alongside the curriculum of the training course‚ we have seen and learnt about how JICA officials has managed every little or micro things with such great importance that we have successfully completed our training. The simplicity and Serenity of Japanese people and Japan enchanted us with unforgettable memories.

Site Training 2
We all are grateful to JICA for giving us the opportunity to widen our vision and see food safety issues from pragmatic angle. We believe that JICA will continue its support to us for achieving the goal food safety and overall development of humanity.
I congratulate the entire team for successfully completing the training. Now its time to say Goodbye JICA‚ Goodbye Japan. However‚ Japan will be always in our heart. Thank You everyone for everything.