Participant's Speech at Course Closing Ceremony

Quality and Productivity Improvement for Enterprise Competitiveness (Basic Kaizen) (A) new!

Thanks speech at closing ceremony

2023.11.22 Closing Ceremony

ParticipantFMs. ROMANOS SILVA Sabrina (from Uruguay)

Nine trainees from six countries in South & Central America (Bolivia‚ Brazil‚ Colombia‚ Cuba‚ Ecuador‚ Uruguay) gathered at JICA Kyushu in Kitakyushu for 46days from October 9th to November 23rd. 2023. Training and lecture on quality and productivity improvement were carried out.

Thanks speech by Sabrina-san

Photo after the closing ceremony
Today‚ I stand here as representative of the entire Kaizen group. We are a diverse Latin American group with different backgrounds‚ but from the first day‚ we managed to connect as if we had known each other forever. This allowed us to navigate the challenges we faced throughout our stay in Japan more easily.

We want to begin by expressing our gratitude to:
•All the professors for generously sharing their experiences‚ knowledge‚ and advice that will empower us to implement our actions more effectively. We truly appreciate their unwavering commitment and dedication.
•The companies that opened their doors to us‚ sharing their expertise‚ ventures‚ methodologies‚ and insights on successfully implementing the tools developed during the course.
•The JICA staff for their kindness and cordiality. They made us feel at home in this center. Their attention to details‚ remembering our names‚ always smiling while addressing our concerns‚ and their unwavering dedication to service have left a lasting impression.
•Our coordinator‚ Kato-san‚ who was always involved in every aspect of our stay.
•Yamamoto-san‚ for always offering words of encouragement. Despite his seriousness‚ his commitment to helping us reach our full potential is evident.
•Hatano-san‚ for translating our words‚ making an effort to understand our concerns‚ and for her warmth and kindness. We thank her for the care and support‚ her infinite smile‚ and good humor.
•Tori-san‚ a generous man who‚ despite being able to enjoy his retirement‚ continues to share his wisdom. We appreciate his guidance‚ constant feedback‚ and invaluable advice. He is truly a reference in these matters and commands much respect‚ not only for his expertise but also for his jokes that always brought laughter.

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When we arrived in Japan: We all felt deep gratitude for this opportunity and were committed to giving our best to meet the challenge. Nervousness and excitement filled us about the course‚ the other participants‚ getting to know Japan‚ its culture‚ language challenges‚ and what our stay at JICA Kitakyushu would entail—the relationship with the professors‚ day-to-day life.

In our orientation‚ the warm welcome allowed us to embrace every opportunity that came our way. We didn't want to miss a single moment.
Throughout our stay in Japan‚ we had to adapt to the methodology and rhythms of work‚ study‚ and leisure time. We learned about Japanese culture‚ experiencing its kindness‚ service orientation‚ attention to detail‚ and care for possessions. We also savored delicious food and drinks—We love Osaka...

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We immersed ourselves in the collective sense of the greater good of the community‚ the feeling of empathy. It's impressive to feel and live how it's possible to rise successfully from challenges through teamwork.
We fully grasped the methodology and work ethics—an example we will try to replicate in our countries‚ which have cultures diametrically opposed to the Japanese.

Visiting different companies gave us insight that we might never have gained otherwise. Understanding the commitment of management to safety‚ quality‚ and excellence in their products and encouraging the participation and involvement of each employee to motivate workers.
We learned how collaboration between large companies and SMEs can enhance quality work‚ achieving excellence regardless of size or challenges.
We experienced the wisdom of long-term planning and the ability to reconvert a business even if it means starting anew. We learned how to combine automation with human labor‚ the importance of job stability‚ and the pain of having to let someone go.

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What we take with us: A lot of humility‚ witnessing how far Japan has come‚ and a strong desire to improve without fear of failure. Because from failure‚ we emerge with more strength and wisdom.
We face significant challenges and commitments ahead to spread the culture of monozukuri and the Kaizen methodology‚ adapting this sense of community to our cultures.

Building new bonds with extraordinary companions and colleagues‚ sharing our experiences with them‚ working together to maximize our potential. Something we implemented throughout this beautiful stay.
In conclusion: This has been an extraordinary experience that we will greatly miss—for the people we met‚ the memories in our hearts‚ and the human group we have formed. These 30 days have passed quickly because we had the opportunity to live it intensely and enjoy the experience. Infinite thanks to JICA for this incredible and wonderful experience that will stay with us for a lifetime.

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To end‚ I would like to address my friends here. Thank you very much for your trust and allowing me to be here today. I hope to have lived up to the great challenge of delivering the final speech. I arrived in Japan with many dreams—dreams that I have fulfilled‚ and in most cases‚ they exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being part of this amazing journey. I will miss each one of you a lot. Japan will be in my heart forever‚ as well as each one of you.