Development of Human Resources Adaptable to Industry Needs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 Diligent Study in a Richly Varied Course Based on Workshops and Practical Exercises

・Training term:Aug.20‚ 2023 to Oct.17‚ 2023

Renewable Energy (C) for Young Leaders in Africa

 Introduction of Renewable Energy which is a Feasible One Tailored to Actual Conditions in Africa

・Training term:Jan.21‚ 2024 to Feb.9‚ 2024

Practical Integrated Water Resources Management for Solving Water Problems (A)&(B)

 A Strong Awareness that Water Resource Issues are a Shared Global Challenge

・Training term:(A) Sep.13 to Oct.6‚ 2023‚ (B) Nov.15. to Dec.8‚ 2023

Participatory Safe Water Management in Rural Areas in African Countries (B)

 For the Future of Africa

・Training term:Nov.1‚ 2023 to Dec.5‚ 2023