Leaflet & OtherPublications

KITA Leaflet & Other Publications


Leaflet of KITA 

published on May 2022, A4-size, 4 pages, English & Japanese version

35th Anniversary DVD

A Commemorative DVD of KITA’s 35th Anniversary

Published on June 2015, English version


20-year history of KITA Environmental Cooperation Center

published on March 2013, A4-size, 18 pages, Japanese version


30-year history of KITA

published on April 2012, A4-size, 509 pages, Japanese version

Implementation Reports from JICA Former Participants

published on May 2011, A4-size, 41 pages, Japanese version

〜 They have Actively Engaged in Their Projects Utilizing JICA/KITA Training Programs 〜


Proceedings of West Japan Plant Engineering Symposium

published on Jan. 2005, 124 pages, Japanese version


20-year history of KITA

published on Sep. 2001, 555 pages, Japanese version


Survey Report of Dalian and Chongqing

published on May 2001, 177 pages, Japanese version

includes a report of survey in Dalian city of its proper disposal of industrial waste and a report on Chongqing-Kitakyushu Interchange Seminar regarding Environmental Issues and on the survey result of environmental situation in Chongqing city.


History of Japan’s industrial development and the points at issue of international technical cooperation

published on Mar. 2000, 31 page, Jjapanese version


To build an Environmental Future City of the Citizens of the Earth

published on June.5, 1999, 208 pages, Japanese version


It both thinks [ both ] and lives

published on June.5, 1999, A4 edition, 198 pages, Japanese version

The Southeast Asia residents and an NGO environmental seminar report


Survey Report of the Dalian Environmental Model District Development Plan - A survey report on the Cleaner Production

published on May 1998, 179 pages, Japanese version


Environmental Protective Production Technology - Cleaner Production Technology

published on Mar.30, 1998, 195 pages, Japanese version

supervised by the Global Environment Division of the Environmental Agency of Japan


Study on the Training Function for the Improvement of the Medium- and Small- Scale Enterprises Management Technique in East Asian Countries

published on Mar. 1998, 149 pages, Japanese version

sponsored by Japan Industrial Policy Research Institute (JIPRI)


Technical Manual for Air Pollution Control
- Cement Manufacturing Industry

published on Mar. 1997, 151 pages, Japanese -English -Chinese version

supervised by Environmental Agency of Japan

English-Japanese Japanese-English international environmental science glossary

published on Mar. 1995, A5-size, 422 pages, Japanese version
Price of 4,700 yen

The Environment Agency global environment department editorial supervision
KITA environmental cooperation center edit
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun issue

Report on the Dalian-Kitakyushu Technical Interchange Seminar

published in 1994, 120 pages, Japanese

edited by the executive of the Dalian-Kitakyushu Technical Interchange Seminar